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Re: [RFA 00/22] More C++-ification

On 2016-09-27 00:08, Tom Tromey wrote:
This patch series converts more random parts of gdb to C++.

Some of these patches get rid of cleanups, or convert them to RAII.
In a couple of cases, after removing cleanups I went further and
converted a given class more fully to C++.  There's also one random
patch to convert an iterator to a C++ class using RAII.

I didn't touch any spot where the cleanup removal would have benefited
from unique_ptr; Pedro has a branch with the needed bits there, and I
wanted to avoid conflicts with his work.

This was built and regtested on x86-64 Fedora 24.

I've appended the differences between the baseline run and the run
with this series in place.  I don't know whether these represent real
regressions or are just intermittent test failures; particularly
because the missing tests are either FAIL or KFAIL.


Hi Tom and others,

Is anybody working on converting the ui_out infrastructure to nice C++ objects yet? I'd like to get started on it, but was wondering if anybody had already started, and if we could avoid duplicate work.


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