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tentative schedule for next GDB release branch?


I'm nearly done creating the GDB 7.12 release, and I will announce it
shortly. In the meantime, I thought now might be a good time to discuss
the schedule for the next few releases.

As previously in most release cycles, I propose we plan for a 7.12.1
release about 3 months from now, so maybe Monday January 16th, so as
to not try to make one just right after getting back from the
end-of-year holidays?

Next in line - our next major GDB release.

Since the 7.12 took a little longer than usual to come out, I propose
we don't wait the full 6 months. Let's plan for either mid-march,
or if people don't mind the proximity with 7.12.1, we could also do
mid-February. For now, not knowing of any imperatives, I've documented
mid-march on the GDB schedule page on the web.

Given that we have switched to requiring a C++ compiler to build GDB,
how about we call that release 8.0? If people agree, I'll change
the file to be something a little closer to 8.0 without
actually being 8.0: 7.99.50??? Strictly speaking, I don't think we
really need to make that version change, as I could simply do the jump
at the same time we cut the branch. But I'm afraid I might forget,
and create the wrong branch name, etc. This might help me remember,
as well as also serve as kind of a pre-announcement on the new version



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