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Re: [RFC/RFA] gdb/CONTRIBUTE update (most of the info is now on our wiki)

Hi Joel,

>From the better-late-than-never department...

On 01/21/2016 10:14 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
>> Thanks a bunch for doing this.  It's been on my TODO for a long while
>> after this:
>> IMO, we'd keep this file even more minimal, and instead of having
>> it point to the wiki page here, it'd point to:
>> (which is also linked from the main page)
>> and that page would be the one that would mention the wiki.
>> My main reason would that the the "contribute" page in the web site
>> would be the canonical entry point, while the wiki page is a fast
>> moving target.  E.g., it's growing past a checklist, so I wouldn't
>> be surprised if we end up splitting it into separate pages at some
>> point (and end up changing the URL).
>> But TBC, I'm definitely already happy with what you propose.
> Sorry for the late reply - busy week! I just wanted to say that
> I tend to agree with your comments. I think we'll just need to
> iron the details out.
> One thing we might want to discuss: Editing the GDB web pages
> (html repository) is not hard per se, but is inconvenient:
> there are 2 CVS repositories to maintain in sync, with distinct
> ACLs for pushing. I personally have the procedure down pat, but
> I wouldn't recommend anyone else but one or two backups spend
> anytime getting setup. So, instead, I am wondering: Why not
> move the page to the Wiki?

If only we'd move the website to git... :-)

> This page could still be the entry point, and be the more stable
> document; and then we could link to the checklist from there
> as you are suggesting.


> While discussion, I was trying to find ways to make the checklist
> a little more like a checklist (something you go through quickly
> and repetitively to make sure you haven't forgotten something
> each time). Because of all the comments and annotations, it's
> hard to go through it quickly, or not skip accidently a step.
> I agree everyone is in great shape if only one or two are skipped
> (;-)), but maybe there is a technical way we can only display
> the subject of each item on the checklist, and then have a toggle
> we can use to display/hide the explanations/rationale/examples...
> Not something to discuss right away necessarily, but perhaps
> something interesting.
> I'll get back to this when I can; maybe not this weekend, but
> the next one.

At this point, I'm convinced that the file in the sources serves
no real use, and I'd just remove it entirely.  But, in any case,
I think the next best step would be to tweak
<> to point at some gdb/wiki/contribute
page, as discussed above, instead of pointing at gdb/CONTRIBUTE in the sources.
That seems to be the main blocker.

Pedro Alves

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