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Re: set sysroot command on AIX has no effect.

Hi Ulrich,

> > If we call solib_bfd_open for .a files then the call to open file 
> > gdb_open_cloexec inside solib_find function is failing.
> > The reason for this is,
> > we will be getting library information from ld_info in the form of
> > "/usr/lib/libc.a(shr.o)", but actually we will be having the
> > file in filesystem as /usr/lib/libc.a. This is the reason initially i
> > didn't use solib_bfd_open.
> Yes, I understand why you cannot use solib_bfd_open directly.  That's 
> I suggested to use *solib_bfd_fopen* (note the "f") :-)
> > But i experimented some more and tried to see how gdb behaves if we 
> > modified pathname exactly as the file which we are having in the 
> > like "/usr/lib/libc.a".
> > Then bfd bfd_check_format is failing with the error "not in executable
> > format".
> > Looks like bfd isn't able to recognise the .a archives.
> > I can have a look on why bfd check is failing.
> That's because solib_bfd_open uses the bfd_object argument to
> bfd_check_format, which is explicitly supposed to reject .a archives.
> Instead, to check for archives, you need to use bfd_archive, like
> solib_aix_bfd_open does.  I'm not suggesting to change that, just to
> open the bfd using solib_find and solib_bfd_fopen before performing
> the check, instead of using gdb_bfd_open.

Calling solib_find returning a prefixed sysroot path and the duplication 
can be avoided as you suggested.
But calling solib_bfd_fopen after this is causing the assertion to fail on 
NULL path as solib_bfd_fopen doing xfree of pathname at the end.
As we still want to refer to sysroot path returned from solib_find or 
filename inside solib_aix_bfd_open until assigning path to bfd filename "(
object_bfd->filename = xstrdup (pathname)"
So calling solib_bfd_fopen is causing assertion failure like this.

utils.c:2971: internal-error: char* gdb_abspath(const char*): Assertion 
`path != NULL && path[0] != '\0'' failed. 

This is the change i have it right now.

    char *member_name;
    bfd *archive_bfd, *object_bfd;
    struct cleanup *cleanup;
+   int found_file;
    if (pathname[path_len - 1] != ')')
      return solib_bfd_open (pathname);
@@ -669,6 +670,9 @@
    member_name = xstrprintf ("%.*s", path_len - filename_len - 2, sep + 
    make_cleanup (xfree, member_name);
+   pathname = solib_find (filename, &found_file);
+   if (pathname == NULL)
+       perror_with_name (filename);
    archive_bfd = gdb_bfd_open (filename, gnutarget, -1);
    if (archive_bfd == NULL)

Let me know your view.

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