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Re: GDB 7.12 release - 2016-09-21 update?

On 16-09-21 01:46 PM, Simon Marchi wrote:
>> PR 20487: Thread sync broken between mi and cli with new-ui command
>>         Assigned to: Antoine Tremblay
>>         Status: Fix in progress
>>         Not sure if this is really blocking for 7.12 either as it
>>         relates to a new feature. But since we seem to be close to
>>         a resolution, and this makes the new feature more usable,
>>         perhaps we can try to have it in 7.12. Otherwise, perhaps
>>         release 7.12 with this limitation in the release notes,
>>         and fix it for 7.12.1???
> I took over this one.  As you said, since it's not a regression, it's 
> not critical.  But as there are still other issues to be solved before 
> the release, I'll continue to aim to have it in 7.12.  If it happened to 
> be the last remaining open issue, it should certainly not block the 
> release.

With the two patches I just pushed to the branch (as well as to master),
you can consider this issue fixed, unless I broke something I am not yet
aware of, of course.


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