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Re: GDB 7.12 release - 2016-09-21 update?

On 2016-09-21 13:16, Joel Brobecker wrote:
Hello everyone,

Sorry for being radio-silent the last few weeks. It's been a combination
of a crazy traveling schedule, and that thing we call "work"...

Anyways, I reviewed the list of PRs marked as targetting 7.12,
as well as the items listed in our 7.12 release page

It looks like we may have a ways to go before being able to release.
Here are my thoughts on each of them. What do you guys think?

Thanks for doing this, tell us if you need any help for anything.

PR 20487: Thread sync broken between mi and cli with new-ui command

        Assigned to: Antoine Tremblay
        Status: Fix in progress

        Not sure if this is really blocking for 7.12 either as it
        relates to a new feature. But since we seem to be close to
        a resolution, and this makes the new feature more usable,
        perhaps we can try to have it in 7.12. Otherwise, perhaps
        release 7.12 with this limitation in the release notes,
        and fix it for 7.12.1???

I took over this one. As you said, since it's not a regression, it's not critical. But as there are still other issues to be solved before the release, I'll continue to aim to have it in 7.12. If it happened to be the last remaining open issue, it should certainly not block the release.


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