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[users/palves/cxx-target_ops] Convert struct target_ops to C++


The other week I started converting struct target_ops to
use C++ virtual methods and inheritance instead of tables
of function pointers.

You can find the current status of the work in this
branch on


My idea is that this is likely to help with multi-target
support in the future.  Lots of work to do still, and
details may change, but I thought I'd share, to
avoid duplicate work in case someone would like to
work on this as well.

* Status:

  B - builds
  T - regtested

  | target             | converted? | testing |
  | i386 GNU/Linux     | x          | B       |
  | x86-64 GNU/Linux   | x          | T       |
  | windows-nat.c      | x          | B       |
  | exec.c             | x          | T       |
  | corelow.c          | x          | T       |
  | remote.c           | x          | B       |
  | ctf.c              | x          | B       |
  | record-full.c      | x          | T       |
  | record-btrace.c    | x          | B       |
  | darwin-nat.c       | x          | B       |
  | i386-darwin-nat.c  | x          | B       |
  | remote-sim.c       | x          | B       |
  | spu-multiarch.c    | x          | B       |
  | bsd-uthread.c      | x          | B       |
  | ravenscar-thread.c | x          | B       |

  All host-independent targets an x86-64 GNU/Linux
  --enable-targets=all build pulls in are converted.

- Unconverted:

  A bunch of Linux ports.  Solaris, Nto.  BSDs.

  Essentially ALL other native targets in the tree must be converted.
  Help much appreciated!

* Implementation notes:

- The flattened current_target is gone.  References to current_target
  or current_target.beneath are replaced to references to target_stack
  (the top of the stack) directly.

- To keep "set debug target" working, I added a new debug_stratum
  layer that sits on top of the stack, prints the debug and delegates
  to the target beneath.  In addition, I made the shortname and
  longname properties of target_ops be virtual methods instead of data
  fields, and made the debug target defer those to the target beneath.
  This is so that debug code sprinkled around that does "if
  (debugtarget) ..."  can transparently print the name of the target

- We can no longer check whether a target_ops implements a method by
  comparing the function pointer.  Fixing that required adding a new
  more target_ops methods.  E.g.,:

    +  for (t = target_stack; t != NULL; t = t->beneath)
    -      if (t->to_create_inferior != NULL)
    +      if (t->can_create_inferior ())

- make-target-delegates was adjusted to generate C++ classes and

  It now generates a couple classes that inherit target_ops:
  dummy_target and debug_target.

  Since we need to generate the class declaration as well, we now
  generate the code in two passes.

- I eliminated to_xclose.  It's not exactly clear how this will all
  work on a multi-target world, so there's no point in keeping a
  partial conversion in place.  bfd-target.c now exports a function
  that closes the target and then deletes it.  See target_bfd_close.

- We can no longer use x86_use_watchpoints to install custom methods.

  Instead, we solve this with a template.

- The old weird double-target linux_ops mechanism in linux-nat.c, is
  gone, replaced by adding a few virtual methods to linux-nat.h's
  target_ops, called low_XXX, that the concrete linux-nat
  implementations override.  Sort of like gdbserver's
  linux_target_ops, but simpler, for requiring only one
  target_ops-like hierarchy, which spares implementing the same method
  twice when we need to forward the method to a low implementation.
  The low target simply reimplements the target_ops method directly in
  that case.

- There are a few remaining linux-nat.c hooks that would be better converted to
  low_ methods like above.  E.g.:

   linux_nat_set_new_thread (t, x86_linux_new_thread);
   linux_nat_set_new_fork (t, x86_linux_new_fork);

- This needs fixing:

  @@ -3721,10 +3684,13 @@ target_supports_delete_record (void)
     struct target_ops *t;

  -  for (t = current_target.beneath; t != NULL; t = t->beneath)
  +  gdb_assert (0);
  +#if 0
  +  for (t = target_stack; t != NULL; t = t->beneath)
       if (t->to_delete_record != delegate_delete_record
	  && t->to_delete_record != tdefault_delete_record)
	 return 1;

     return 0;

Pedro Alves

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