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Re: RFC: gdb-7.12 timeframe?

> > What I would like to propose is we try to create the branch soon.
> > This means we make a call for blocking issues before the branch
> > is created, and create the branch, say, one week from now.
> > Issue a first pre-release then.
> We need collect issues first, and decide whether one week is enough to
> stabilize the master and create branch then.  I didn't follow the
> regression tests in buildbot, but I'll take a look.

Thanks for taking a look at the buildbot results.

Regarding stabilization, there are two approaches. We can stabilize
master to the point of near-release-readiness, which means we start
holding patches that may be unsafe (a little bit like GCC does).
Or we branch, and then decide which fixes we want for the branch.
I was proposing the latter, which is a little more work for the
branch, but allows development to continue on master. However,
I am happy with either approach. We've used the former in the past,
but given that we're entering the summer holiday period, it might
take a while before we hear from some of us about issues that,
under the stabilize-before-branch policy, we might want to fix
before we branch.


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