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Re: [PATCH 0/8] Add Rust language support

On 04/27/2016 03:49 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Hi.  It's been a while.

Hi.  Great to see you around.

> This patch series adds support for the Rust programming languages to
> gdb.  See for more information on Rust
> itself.
> This is a reasonably full-featured port.  It has a few known bugs and
> holes, but nothing very serious.

This is awesome!

I've read the series and it looks mostly OK to me.  Just a few minor
nits here and there.

> I've tested it using Rust 1.8, as available in the Fedora COPR.  It's
> known not to work with Rust nightly, due to some debuginfo regressions
> there.
> I ran the new tests with gcov.  The test cases cover 98% of
> rust-exp.y, and 82% of rust-lang.c -- mostly missing things like
> rust_print_subexp; I intentionally didn't write tests for the
> expression-dumping debug functions.


> I wrote most of the code, but Manish Goregaokar did some as well --
> more than enough to require an assignment.  Both of our copyright
> assignments are in process.
> I've built the series both with gcc and with g++.

Thank you.

> I'd like to make a new rust component in bugzilla once this is
> approved.

I think I can make this for you, if you need it.

> If anybody cares, I have a list of the ugly bits in gdb I encountered
> while writing this series.  I think it's all generally well known
> though.

I'd be curious.

Pedro Alves

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