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[patchv5] Workaround gdbserver<7.7 for setfs

Hi Pedro,

On Wed, 06 Apr 2016 21:09:05 +0200, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> it no longer transferred any files with old gdbserver after this commit.
> (I do not have setup a regression testsuite for old gdbserver.)
> Therefore reverting it

posting a new implementation based on Pedro's off-list comment:
	hmm.  guess we could still salvage it, by 1) still doing the detection
	early; 2) accept OK as "unsupported" in setfs only?

OK for check-in?

With current FSF GDB HEAD and old FSF gdbserver I expected I could do:
	gdb -ex 'file target:/root/redhat/threadit' -ex 'target remote :1234'
(supplying that unsupported qXfer:exec-file:read by "file")
But that does not work because:
	Sending packet: $vFile:setfs:0#bf...Packet received: OK
	Packet vFile:setfs (hostio-setfs) is supported
	Sending packet: $vFile:setfs:104#24...Packet received: OK
	"target:/root/redhat/threadit": could not open as an executable file: Invalid argument

GDB documentation says:
	The valid responses to Host I/O packets are:
	An empty response indicates that this operation is not recognized.

This "empty response" vs. "OK" was a bug in gdbserver < 7.7.  It was fixed by:
	commit e7f0d979dd5cc4f8b658df892e93db69d6d660b7
	Author: Yao Qi <>
	Date:   Tue Dec 10 21:59:20 2013 +0800
	    Fix a bug in matching notifications.
	Message-ID: <>
	2013-12-10  Yao Qi  <>
		* notif.c (handle_notif_ack): Return 0 if no notification

with unpatched old FSF gdbserver and patched FSF GDB HEAD:
	gdb -ex 'file target:/root/redhat/threadit' -ex 'target remote :1234'
	Sending packet: $vFile:setfs:0#bf...Packet received: OK
	Packet vFile:setfs (hostio-setfs) is NOT supported
	(gdb) info sharedlibrary
	From                To                  Syms Read   Shared Object Library
	0x00007ffff7ddbae0  0x00007ffff7df627a  Yes (*)     target:/lib64/
	0x00007ffff7bc48a0  0x00007ffff7bcf514  Yes (*)     target:/lib64/

2016-04-26  Jan Kratochvil  <>

	* remote.c (remote_start_remote): Detect

diff --git a/gdb/remote.c b/gdb/remote.c
index e5bf15d..a9b7201 100644
--- a/gdb/remote.c
+++ b/gdb/remote.c
@@ -4031,6 +4031,25 @@ remote_start_remote (int from_tty, struct target_ops *target, int extended_p)
   if (packet_support (PACKET_QAllow) != PACKET_DISABLE)
     remote_set_permissions (target);
+  /* gdbserver < 7.7 (before its fix from 2013-12-11) did reply to any
+     unknown 'v' packet with string "OK".  "OK" gets interpreted by GDB
+     as a reply to known packet.  For packet "vFile:setfs:" it is an
+     invalid reply and GDB would return error in
+     remote_hostio_set_filesystem, making remote files access impossible.
+     Disable "vFile:setfs:" in such case.  Do not disable other 'v' packets as
+     other "vFile" packets get correctly detected even on gdbserver < 7.7.  */
+  {
+    const char v_mustreplyempty[] = "vMustReplyEmpty";
+    putpkt (v_mustreplyempty);
+    getpkt (&rs->buf, &rs->buf_size, 0);
+    if (strcmp (rs->buf, "OK") == 0)
+      remote_protocol_packets[PACKET_vFile_setfs].support = PACKET_DISABLE;
+    else if (strcmp (rs->buf, "") != 0)
+      error (_("Remote replied unexpectedly to '%s': %s"), v_mustreplyempty,
+	     rs->buf);
+  }
   /* Next, we possibly activate noack mode.
      If the QStartNoAckMode packet configuration is set to AUTO,

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