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Re: MSP430 SIM: Add support for hardware multiply

On 08 May 2014 08:52, Nick Clifton wrote:
>   I am applying the attached patch to add support for simulating the
>   hardware multiply feature found on some MSP430 MCUs.

this broke the testsuite:
Running ../../../../sim/testsuite/sim/msp430/allinsn.exp ...
Testing add.s on machine msp430.
Executing on host: /usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/gas/as-new ../../../../sim/testsuite/sim/msp430/add.s  -I../../../../sim/testsuite/sim/msp430  -o add.s.o    (timeout = 300)
spawn /usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/gas/as-new ../../../../sim/testsuite/sim/msp430/add.s -I../../../../sim/testsuite/sim/msp430 -o add.s.o
Executing on host: /usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/ld/ld-new 
add.s.o   -o add.s.x    (timeout = 300)
spawn /usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/ld/ld-new add.s.o -o add.s.x
/usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/sim/testsuite/../msp430/run     add.s.x 
spawn /usr/local/src/gnu/gdb/build/build-msp430/sim/testsuite/../msp430/run add.s.x
pattern: pass

FAIL: msp430 add.s (execution)

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