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Re: [OBV PATCH] MPX documentation

> From: Joseph Myers [] 
> On Thu, 17 Dec 2015, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>>> From: Walfred Tedeschi <>
>>> Fix some trademarks on MPX section.
>> Do we have to?
> The GNU Coding Standards say "Please do not include any trademark acknowledgements in GNU software packages or documentation.".  So the patch is wrong.

Does that mean that all existing "(R)" occurrences in the documentation
should be removed?

$ grep "(R)" *
gdb.texinfo:@cindex Intel(R) Processor Trace
gdb.texinfo:Use the @dfn{Intel(R) Processor Trace} recording format.  In this
gdb.texinfo:Set the requested ring buffer size for branch tracing in Intel(R)
gdb.texinfo:that uses the btrace recording method and the Intel(R) Processor Trace
gdb.texinfo:tracing in Intel(R) Processor Trace format.
gdb.texinfo:@subsubsection Intel(R) @dfn{Memory Protection Extensions} (MPX).
gdb.texinfo:@cindex Intel(R) Memory Protection Extensions (MPX).
gdb.texinfo:For the Intel(R) Processor Trace recording format, print a list of
gdb.texinfo:Intel(R) Processor Trace packets.  For each packet, the following
gdb.texinfo:Enable branch tracing for the current thread using Intel(R) Processor Trace.
gdb.texinfo:This thread uses the @dfn{Intel(R) Processor Trace} (@acronym{Intel(R)
gdb.texinfo:The size of the @acronym{Intel(R) PT} ring buffer in bytes.
gdb.texinfo:The @samp{org.gnu.gdb.i386.mpx} is an optional feature representing Intel(R)

Pedro Alves

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