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[PATCH 0/3] Target remote mode fork and exec support

This patchset implements support fork and exec events for target
remote mode Linux targets.  This is done primarily by enabling
functionality that had previously been restricted to extended-remote
mode, and by preventing gdbserver from exiting until there are no
more active inferiors left.

There are a number of tests that had to be modified to enable them in
target-remote mode.

The GDB manual sections on connecting to a remote target were modified
and reorganized to clarify the distinction between remote,
extended-remote, and multiprocess, and to collect related information
into subsections.

The patches include:

PATCH 1/3: Implements target remote mode fork and exec event support.
PATCH 2/3: Enables fork and exec tests for target remote mode.
PATCH 3/3: Updates documentation for fork and exec events with target

Tested on x86_64 Linux with native, remote, and extended-remote.  Also
tried it with Pedro's patch that modified gdbserver exit criteria,, and saw no

Thanks, Don

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