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Re: [PATCH 0/3] Add tesecases for examine/display/list

On 11/05/2015 05:21 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
These patches add testcases to test examine/display/list under different conditions:
	*examine address in different data types
	*display data in different types, enable/disable display
	*list with more options

Thanks for providing new testcases, we can always use additional

First, a few comments, before I delve into reviewing the patches?

   (1) The GDB project requires that the copyright to all changes
       integrated by assigned to the FSF. Do you have a copyright
       assignment on file with the FSF? I tried looking at the current
       records, and did not find you. If you don't, then let me know,
       and we'll start the paper work.

I haven't got a copyright assignment on file with the FSF yet.
   (2) I noticed that your emails were not following some of the guidelines
       we have for patch submission. The guidelines should all be
       explained at this page:

   (3) For testcases, there is a "cookbook" that provides best practices.

OK. I will remake my patches basing on these.

Fei Jie

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