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Re: [PATCH] aarch64 multi-arch part 6: HW breakpoint on unaligned address

On 10/15/2015 09:14 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> Pedro Alves <> writes:

>> At least the comment should be updated.  It's quite misleading as is.
> In order to do 32-bit check in nat/aarch64-linux-hw-point.c, I add a new
> regcache interface regcache_register_size which is defined in both GDB
> and GDBserver.  It has two arguments, regcache and number, which looks
> more reasonable than register_size, IMO.  With regcache_register_size in
> place, we can check 32-bit like this,
>       struct regcache *regcache
> 	= get_thread_regcache_for_ptid (current_lwp_ptid ());
>       /* Set alignment to 2 only if the current process is 32-bit,
> 	 since thumb instruction can be 2-byte aligned.  Otherwise, set
> 	 alignment to AARCH64_HBP_ALIGNMENT.  */
>       if (regcache_register_size (regcache, 0) == 8)
> 	alignment = AARCH64_HBP_ALIGNMENT;
>       else
> 	alignment = 2;
> on the other hand, a lot of register_size calls in GDB and GDBserver can
> be replaced by regcache_register_size.  This can be done separately.
> Here is the patch V2, regression tested on aarch64-linux.


Pedro Alves

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