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Re: [PATCH] compile: Use>

On Wed, 22 Apr 2015 23:13:40 +0200, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> Will this mean that the next release of GDB will require GCC 5.0.1 (or
> whatever the next version of GCC after 5.0)?
> If so, then, I object. This could mean many months of GDB and GCC
> releases not coinciding and no functionality being present. If not,
> how does GDB work with an older GCC? It also does not seem a good
> thing to change the API before GCC 5.0 is even released.

There is now released gcc-5.1.  Upstream GCC has approved it now for trunk,
that is gcc-6.0.

(For Fedora a backport can be easily done for whatever version combinations.)

> I think as far as possible we want to be fault tolerant with
> GCC. Another solution is to add another method to the end of the
> vtable of functions presented to GDB from the GCC plugin, and save API
> changes for more synchronized and planned changes.

So you request forward/backward compatibilities, specifically:

(1) Do you request future gdb-7.10 is compatible with existing gcc-5.x?

(2) Do you request future gcc-6.0  is compatible with existing gdb-7.9?

With an answer for (1) and (2) we can decide on how to implement it.


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