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Re: [PATCH 00/36] Support building GDB as a C++ program

Hi Pedro,
Nice to see these patches for c++ conversion, and thanks very much
for doing this.  I went through the first 30 patches, and skimmed
the rest today.  Don't see anything wrong obviously.

On 09/02/15 23:20, Pedro Alves wrote:
I'm glad to announce that the global maintainers have reached
consensus on converting GDB to use C++ as implementation language.

See the project page here:

This series implements the first parts of the transition plan
described in that page.  Namely:

   - Add a --enable-build-with-cxx option (default: no) to compile GDB
     and GDBserver with a C++ compiler, keeping the support for
     building with a C compiler.

   - Modify GDB and GDBserver so they can be compiled in C++ mode,
     using G++'s '-fpermissive' option as shortcut.

   - Split the TRY_CATCH macro into TRY/CATCH macros to better map to
     C++'s 'throw'/'try...catch' in C++ mode, and eliminate all the
     volatile gdb_exception objects.

To be clear, according to the transition plan on wiki, once this patch
set is pushed in, we'll be at step 8.1, except that step 6 is not
needed, and step 1 and 5 are skipped.  Is it a correct understanding?

Yao (éå)

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