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Re: [PATCH] sim: Be sure of calling freeargv() after successfully call buildargv().

[binutils does not need to be copied in this case, as you're only
touching files in the simulator, which is part of the GDB project]

> 2015-01-28  Chen Gang <>
> 	* common/sim-options.c (sim_args_command): Call freeargv() when
> 	failure occurs.
> 	* mcore/interp.c (sim_do_command): Call freeargv() before return.
> 	* microblaze/interp.c (sim_do_command): Call freeargv() before
> 	return.

Small procedural request, Chen. Those 3 changes are pretty much
independent, so it's highly preferable to submit them separately.
This has a number of advantages: We can review each one of them
individually, with possibly different reviewers, and that makes
tracking of which part has been reviewed a lot easier. Also, by
having them submitted separately, you can have one patch per piece,
which means that if one patch turns out to be incorrect, we can
easily revert just that patch using git, rather than doing a semi-
revert by hand.


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