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Re: [PATCH] sim: Be sure of calling freeargv() after successfully call buildargv().

On 01/28/15 14:19, Chen Gang S wrote:
On 1/28/15 23:53, Michael Eager wrote:
On 01/28/15 03:45, Chen Gang S wrote:
buildargv() and freeargv() are pairs, so need be sure of them always
paired to avoid memory leak.

2015-01-28  Chen Gang <>

     * common/sim-options.c (sim_args_command): Call freeargv() when
     failure occurs.
     * mcore/interp.c (sim_do_command): Call freeargv() before return.
     * microblaze/interp.c (sim_do_command): Call freeargv() before

OK for Microblaze.

There appear to be other places where buildargv() is not followed by
freeargv().  See sim/common/run.c.  There may be others.

For me, I intended to skip buildargv() in "sim/common/run.c", because it
may contents read only memory. It is in main(), also main() often uses
exit(), so I skip it, it doesn't matter.

gdb also uses buildargv(), but it just wraps buildargv() and freeargv(),
so at least it is another patch (either, at least now, I do not find any
issues about it in gdb).

Except the above 2, for me, there are no any other places to use

Does the patch comments need to mention about the contents above?

No, you don't need to mention what is not modified.

Michael Eager
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306  650-325-8077

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