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Re: GDB 7.9 release update

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 8:37 PM, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Just a quick update on the 7.9 release process.
> We have 10 entries listed in our TODO file.
> | [Joel] PR gdb/17856 (ada-lang.c resaves in cache symbol it just found in cache)
> | [Doug] PR gdb/17855 (clear_symtab_users doesn't call observer_notify_new_objfile (NULL) early enough)
> | [Joel] PR gdb/17854 (Nothing sets pspace_data->sym_cache)
> Patches were posted a while ago for those, so it's a matter of pushing
> them. Doug, let's do it?


> | [Doug] PR gdb/17821 (anonymous namespace + .gdb_index issue)
> Status?
> | [Doug] PR gdb/17799 (symbol lookup cache patch)
> Defered for next release?
> | [Doug] PR gdb/17798 (explicit linespecs patch)
> I saw a recent message on this, so hopefully OK soon?
> | [Doug] PR gdb/17681 (tab-completion needs better throttling)
> I also saw the patch being discussed, so hopefully soon as well?

Hi.  I removed 17821, 17799, 17798 and 17681.
I'm just not going to get time to finish them right now.
They weren't super important though.

OTOH, I just found a bug that I'd like to make a blocker for 7.9.

I'm adding support for Two Level Linetables:

and when I run gdb on programs compiled with this support
gdb goes into an infinite loop. :-(

There are actually two bugs here:
17890: gdb needs to punt when it sees a dwarf line table header
version it doesn't understand
17891: how is SIGFPE handling supposed to work?  currently gdb goes
into an infinite loop

I don't have a strong opinion on getting 17891 fixed for 7.9,
but I would like 7.9 to not hang when given tll-enabled binaries.
The fix is safe and easy enough.

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