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Re: [PATCH] Add support for embedding scripts in .debug_gdb_scripts.

> >> All NEWS entries for new features shall specify the platform(s) on which
> >> the feature is available, if it is not a generally available feature.
> >> [or words to that effect]
> >> And let's enforce all these rules the way we do
> >> coding conventions (which I don't have a problem with).
> >>
> >> Ok?
> >
> > I'm fine with that, if no one objects.  But you cannot possibly codify
> > all such minor issues, they are too many.  And it isn't needed, from
> > my POV.
> If it serves to put in writing absolute rules that someone is likely
> to get tripped up by or not understand then it will have served its
> purpose.

I just personally think this is too extreme a measure.  There are times
when absolute rules may be useful, but I don't think this is the case

Eli is our documentation maintainer,so let's continue trusting
his judgement. This discussion is not about black and white, and
as such, it's easy to disagree. But I don't think it's important
enough to spend more time on this. I know it can be fustrating
to make a change one does not believe in, but after a reasonable
attempt at discussing it, I'd go with his call.


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