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[patch] Print current thread after loading a core file [Re: [patch] Sort threads for thread apply all (bt)]

On Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:29:07 +0100, Doug Evans wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 10:33 AM, Jan Kratochvil <> wrote:
> > Should GDB always print after loading a core file what "thread" command would
> > print?
> > [Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7fcbe28fe700 (LWP 15453))]
> Sounds reasonable to me.
> Though there is the concern to not even talk about threads if there are "none".
> So maybe only print that if there is more than one thread?


BTW I think it will print the thread even when loading single/non-threaded
core file when other inferior(s) exist.  But that currently crashes
	[Bug threads/12074] multi-inferior internal error
plus I think that would be a correct behavior anyway.

No regressions on {x86_64,x86_64-m32}-fedora22pre-linux-gnu.

2015-01-17  Jan Kratochvil  <>

	* corelow.c (core_open): Call also thread_command.
	* gdbthread.h (thread_command): New prototype moved from ...
	* thread.c (thread_command): ... here.
	(thread_command): Make it global.

diff --git a/gdb/corelow.c b/gdb/corelow.c
index a9eadd5..c168d1a 100644
--- a/gdb/corelow.c
+++ b/gdb/corelow.c
@@ -456,6 +456,17 @@ core_open (const char *arg, int from_tty)
   /* Now, set up the frame cache, and print the top of stack.  */
   reinit_frame_cache ();
   print_stack_frame (get_selected_frame (NULL), 1, SRC_AND_LOC, 1);
+  /* Current thread should be NUM 1 but the user does not know that.  */
+  if (thread_count () >= 2)
+    {
+	{
+	  thread_command (NULL, from_tty);
+	}
+      if (except.reason < 0)
+	exception_print (gdb_stderr, except);
+    }
 static void
diff --git a/gdb/gdbthread.h b/gdb/gdbthread.h
index 15a979b..a2f378a 100644
--- a/gdb/gdbthread.h
+++ b/gdb/gdbthread.h
@@ -455,6 +455,8 @@ extern void finish_thread_state_cleanup (void *ptid_p);
 /* Commands with a prefix of `thread'.  */
 extern struct cmd_list_element *thread_cmd_list;
+extern void thread_command (char *tidstr, int from_tty);
 /* Print notices on thread events (attach, detach, etc.), set with
    `set print thread-events'.  */
 extern int print_thread_events;
diff --git a/gdb/thread.c b/gdb/thread.c
index ed20fbe..4bce212 100644
--- a/gdb/thread.c
+++ b/gdb/thread.c
@@ -62,7 +62,6 @@ static int highest_thread_num;
    spawned new threads we haven't heard of yet.  */
 static int threads_executing;
-static void thread_command (char *tidstr, int from_tty);
 static void thread_apply_all_command (char *, int);
 static int thread_alive (struct thread_info *);
 static void info_threads_command (char *, int);
@@ -1506,7 +1505,7 @@ thread_apply_command (char *tidlist, int from_tty)
 /* Switch to the specified thread.  Will dispatch off to thread_apply_command
    if prefix of arg is `apply'.  */
-static void
 thread_command (char *tidstr, int from_tty)
   if (!tidstr)

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