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Re: Experimental branches

> > That one is actually intentional. I really think that those diffs
> > are really useful - at least to me - and this was discussed a bit
> > when I made the proposal to switch to the new hooks. Do you think
> > they are a problem?
> Are they really useful?  There's always the link at the top of the
> commit email that allows you to view the diff.

I can only speak personally, but I think they are. I usually take
a glance at the diffs that actually went in, and I've been catching
a few little things here and there. Having to click on links makes that
clunky enough that I just don't do it; this is compounded by the fact
that I use a text-based mail-reader. I'm also regularly offline as well
when reading emails (which I have downloaded onto my computer). Having
the diff in the email is also the difference between looking at it and

Despite all that, I do not have a necessarily strong opinion about
this. Unless we actually find that the diffs are causing trouble,
I'd like to give the diffs a try. But if people want to go back,
then I'll make that happen.


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