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RE: [RFA PATCH 2/3] Add debug-stabs debug-dwarf and class option for pascal compiler

> Hi.
> This patch makes me uncomfortable.
> It's to a pascal specific file, so at least the discomfort is contained
> :-),
> but I wouldn't want this spreading.
> How to select debug information should be
> orthogonal to compilation language,
> and there are a myriad of ways to select what kind of dwarf debug info
> to get (with/without type units, with/without .gdb_index, with/without
> dwz, and so on).  I have board files to help me drive the various
> combinations I'm interested in.  This won't work if gdb.pascal/*
> starts hardcoding debug info into the test.
> Maybe there's a good reason to do it this way for pascal,
> but I need more data.

 Hi Doug, the reasons of this patch are:

1) the particular problem that the series fixes is strictly limited
to stabs debugging information.

  Thus to really test that this bug has been fixed, I need to compile
the test code using stabs debugging format (which I now realize
I did not do in the third part of the patch series).

2) the pascal language support tries to support both
GNU pascal compiler (aka GPC) and Free Pascal Compiler (aka FPC).

  These two compilers have very different options,
so the submitted patch purpose is to unify the selection of stabs versus dwarf
debug format independently from the used pascal compiler.

 For other pascal tests, only debug is used, which results in the default
format according to the target architecture and operating system.

I hope that the explanations above are sufficient to ease your discomfort.

Pierre Muller 

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