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[PATCHSET] [3/4] Fix various issue in TUI

This patch fixes a couple of problems with documentation of TUI


2014-12-31  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* gdb/tui/tui-win.c (tui_scroll_left_command, tui_scroll_right_command):
	Doc fix.

	* gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo (TUI Commands): Document the possible
	values of NAME argument to 'winheight' command.  Explain the
	effect of 'tabset' setting better.

--- gdb/tui/tui-win.c~0	2014-10-29 21:45:50 +0200
+++ gdb/tui/tui-win.c	2014-12-31 13:55:32 +0200
@@ -403,10 +403,10 @@
 Scroll window backward.\n\
 Usage: - [win] [n]\n"));
   add_com ("<", class_tui, tui_scroll_left_command, _("\
-Scroll window forward.\n\
+Scroll window text to the left.\n\
 Usage: < [win] [n]\n"));
   add_com (">", class_tui, tui_scroll_right_command, _("\
-Scroll window backward.\n\
+Scroll window text to the right.\n\
 Usage: > [win] [n]\n"));
   if (xdb_commands)
     add_com ("w", class_xdb, tui_xdb_set_win_height_command, _("\

--- gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo~0	2014-10-29 21:45:50 +0200
+++ gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo	2014-12-31 16:01:29 +0200
@@ -24384,11 +24384,15 @@
 @kindex winheight
 Change the height of the window @var{name} by @var{count}
 lines.  Positive counts increase the height, while negative counts
-decrease it.
+decrease it.  The @var{name} parameter can be one of @code{src} (the
+source window), @code{cmd} (the command window), @code{asm} (the
+disassembly window), or @code{regs} (the register display window).
 @item tabset @var{nchars}
 @kindex tabset
-Set the width of tab stops to be @var{nchars} characters.
+Set the width of tab stops to be @var{nchars} characters.  This
+setting affects the display of TAB characters in the source and
+assembly windows.
 @end table
 @node TUI Configuration

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