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Re: RFC: remove "info dll" alias to "info sharedlibraries"?

> What's the basis for believing that "we've already trained the users"?

We've made the "dll-*" commands deprecated, and now just removed them.

> With a little poking around the net, I did notice a couple examples
> where people were reporting "info dll" results.  But in practice I
> suspect that most GDB-using Windows developers are working on multiple
> platforms, and they're likely to prefer commands that work everywhere.

I only found a couple of instances myself, from 2005 and 2008.

> On the other hand, "info dll" has been documented for a long time,
> and is only one line of extra code - seems like more work to remove
> than to leave it alone.
> I do think we can dump the hook and just use add_info_alias.  I don't
> remember exactly why the hook seemed necessary in the first place, but
> the timing suggests I added it for gdbtk or MPW (or both. :-) ).

But I agree it's been documented for a long time. Let's see if I
can just keep the alias without the hook (on my next rainy day :-)).


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