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Re: [PATCH] PR 17520 -- structure offset wrong when 1/4 GB or greater

> From: David Taylor <>
> Cc: David Taylor <>
> Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 20:53:50 -0500
> This patch addresses PR 17520 -- structure offset wrong when 1/4 GB or
> greater.
> When calculating the offset of a structure member, GDB did the
> calculation using 32 bit signed integers.  Because GDB uses this
> same machinery for bit fields and for non bit fields, it does the
> offset calcuation first in bits and then, if a byte offset is desired
> it divides by 8.
> This meant that if the offset was 1/4 G bytes or greater, the returned
> value would be wrong.  Such large offsets were possible on 32-bit
> architectures and even more so on 64-bit ones.
> With this change GDB uses 64-bit integers.

I see you use %lld to print the 64-bit integer quantities, but I think
you should use inttypes.h's PRId64 instead.  At least MinGW32 use the
Windows runtime, which doesn't understand %lld, AFAIK.  And using
inttypes.h's macros is more portable anyway.


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