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Re: [patch] compile: Fix MinGW build [Re: [mingw rfc] Add mkdtemp to gdb/gnulib/]

Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

> In the end I have managed to test it by Wine myself:
> $ wine build_win32/gdb/gdb.exe -q build_win32/gdb/gdb.exe -ex start
> -ex 'compile code 1' -ex 'set confirm no' -ex quit
> [...]
> Temporary breakpoint 1, main (argc=1, argv=0x241418) at ../../gdb/gdb.c:29
> 29	  args.argc = argc;
> Could not load Module not found.
> Even if it managed to load (it needs host-dependent name libcc1.dll)
> then it would soon end up at least on:
> default_infcall_mmap:
>   error (_("This target does not support inferior memory allocation by mmap."));
> As currently there is only:
> linux-tdep.c:
>   set_gdbarch_infcall_mmap (gdbarch, linux_infcall_mmap);

The module not found problem and unsupported mmap problem are separated
ones.  They are not related to the mkdtemp problem we are discussing
here, IMO.

> While one could debug Linux targets from MS-Windows host I find it somehow
> overcomplicated now when we are trying to get it running at least on native
> Linux x86*.
> The 'compile' project needs a larger port effort to run on MS-Windows.

If 'compile' feature on mingw/Windows doesn't work, why don't we disable
it on Windows?

Yao (éå)

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