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Re: [commit 7.8] [patch+7.8] Fix 7.8 regression: resolve_dynamic_struct: Assertion `TYPE_NFIELDS (type) > 0' (PR 17642)

> > This is a fairly big patch...
> >   1. How bad is performance without it?
> It was very bad, like > 100x slower.

OK, but 100x slower than 1usec is still unnoticeable. When did you start
noticing it, for what kind of program (size?), and what type of delay
were you seeing? Also, is that a regression compared to 7.7?  The idea
is that, if it's just a second or two, or even ten, that's still quite
bearable, and unless you are absolutely sure that your patch is safe,
perhaps we should pass...

> >   2. Can you find a binutils maintainer that will vouch that
> >      this patch is 100% safe?
> As the x86 binutils maintainer, do I count?

Absolutely. I just need someone who knows the code well enough to
be trusted with its maintainance to stand behind the code and
confirm that it is considered safe. In this case, I need extra safe,
considering the fact that this is a .2 release.

I hope I've described my concerns well enough for you to make
the decision. Now that I have explained my thought process, I feel
you're more qualified to make an informed decision now. Your call.

Please remember that, if you do push it to 7.8, you'll need a PR
associated to is so you can document the fix in the release wiki
page (see fixes in GDB 7.8.2):


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