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Re: [PATCH v4] gdb/hppa-tdep.c: Fix logical working flow issues and check additional store instructions

> Excuse me, I have no related test environments for parisc either. Maybe
> I can try to construct the related virtual environments for it, but I am
> still not quite sure whether it is enough.
> Can we change to another way for it:
>  - try to keep the original code no touch.
>  - only fix the related typo issues according to the related documents,
>    do not add new features (e.g. do not check stby, stbdy, stwa, stda,
>    only give the related comments for them).
>  - let it pass compiling.
> Or, can we find related members in our gdb mailing list which has parisc
> environments?

I think finding people who can test your change would be ideal,
but is not required. I was just making it clear what my review
could bring, or rather not bring. I think it's fine to increase
the scope of the routine as you've been doing, as I think the risk
of disturbing currently supported instructions is small.

I am curious - and you do not have to reply if you do not want to -,
how did you get involved in this change? If you have no testing
environment, it probably means you're not using the code.  What
made you decide to try to fix it?


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