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Re: [PATCH] testsuite/boards/stabs.exp

Doug Evans <> writes:

> b) The testsuite gets the -g* variant to use from the debug_flags board config.
> If you specify CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET then that value *and* the
> debug_flags board config are passed to gcc.
> Plus, -g -gstabs != -gstabs -g.
> [I didn't dig into why, easy enough if it becomes important.]

Oh, it is surprise to me.

> The high order bit is that the right way to specify the flag
> to control the debug format is with the debug_flags board config.
> The difference can be seen by trying both.
> A simple example to play with is gdb.cp/bool.exp.
> check-gdb --target_board=stabs bool.exp
> -> 2 fails
> FAIL: gdb.cp/bool.exp: print return_true()
> FAIL: gdb.cp/bool.exp: print return_false()
> check-gdb CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET=-gstabs bool.exp
> -> 2 passes

Thanks for giving this example.

> Is there something about adding a board file that causes problems I'm
> not aware of?
> If so, we'd better establish what it is and get it written down.
> I can imagine wanting more board files.  :-)

Adding board file stabs.exp is fine to me.

Yao (éå)

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