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Re: RFA 0/2 fix for bug with large structure offsets

On 12/12/2014 03:56 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> David Taylor <> writes:
>> In the slightly over three weeks since I posted this and the two related
>> parts, I have seen only two replies off list, nothing on list.
>> This bug is affecting us and I'd like some version of a fix for it to go
>> in.  Any chance?
> It is worried that we can't verify the type width change like this.

Hmm.  Is it really a big problem though?  What's the worse failure mode if we
miss converting some code path?  It seems that even if that happens, we won't
be worse than today?

> Personally, I don't see the point GDB-switch-to-C++ block the changes,
> either from your patch or from Fedora GDB's patches, although I agree
> that it is easier to do sanity check in C++.


> If it is practical to turn on -Wconversion and people here agree to do
> so, we can do it first to pave the way for your patch, and convince
> people your patch is safe enough.  Last time I tried turning
> -Wconversion on, it causes a huge number of warnings. :-/

I'm not even sure it makes sense to have -Wconversion (or its variants)
block this?

If we agree on the types to use, then it seems to me it's more
useful to push the patches in than hold them up.

Pedro Alves

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