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Re: [RFC] Run tests in sub dir of testsuite/

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 6:53 PM, Yao Qi <> wrote:
> This patch is to run testsuite in a subdirectory of testsuite/, in
> order to facilitate 'make clean'.  In sequential testing, directory
> testsuite/sequential-tests is created, and in parallel testing,
> directory testsuite/parallel-tests is created.  Testing artifacts
> (such as directory gdb.base, gdb.ada, object files, shared libraries
> and executables) are stored in it.
> In testsuite/, we set OUTPUTDIR to either sequential-tests
> or parallel-tests, determined by whether we run tests in parallel.
> Makefile passes OUTPUTDIR to dejagnu, and lib/gdb.exp return the
> expected file path according to OUTPUTDIR.
> This patch changes the location of gdb.sum, so some build/test scripts
> are affected.
> gdb/testsuite:
> 2014-12-11  Yao Qi  <>
>         * Set OUTPUTDIR.
>         (check-single): Create dir OUTPUTDIR and pass $(OUTPUTDIR) to
>         runtest.
>         (check-parallel): Use $(OUTPUTDIR).
>         (check/%.exp): Pass $(OUTPUTDIR) to runtest.
>         (check-perf): Likewise.
>         (clean): Remove directory sequential-tests and parallel-tests.
>         * lib/gdb.exp (standard_output_file): Return file path name
>         according to new directory structure.
>         (gdb_init): Use $OUTPUTDIR instead of outputs.
>         (top-level): Create directory $OUTPUTDIR.
>         * lib/trace-support.exp (get_in_proc_agent): Don't use $objdir
>         in the path of inprocagent.
>         * gdb.base/completion.exp: Use ${OUTPUTDIR}.
>         * gdb.base/hashline1.exp: Use [pwd] instead of $objdir.


I can't review the patch right now, but I have a question.
Is there intended to be a followup patch to remove
all the makefiles in testsuite/ except testsuite/

[I realize this patch is just RFC.
I just want to understand where this is headed.]

btw, while it might be cleaner to move gdb.log,gdb.sum into
the subdirs, it's not necessary.
I can update my build scripts, but if we're going
to be affecting a lot of build scripts then I'd

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