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Re: [PATCH] New python function gdb.lookup_objfile.

On 09/12/14 02:39, Doug Evans wrote:
> Hi.
> This patch implements a new python function gdb.lookup_objfile.
> It provides the ability to look up an objfile given a file name
> or build id.
> While one could call gdb.objfiles() and then scan over that,
> it requires construction of the list, and with *lots* of objfiles
> it is a bit cumbersome.
> Regression tested on amd64-linux.


> +@findex gdb.lookup_objfile
> +@defun gdb.lookup_objfile (name @r{[}, by_build_id{]})
> +Look up @var{name}, which is a file name, in the list of objfiles
> +for the current program space (@pxref{Progspaces In Python}).
> +If the objfile is not found then a Python @code{ValueError} exception
> +is thrown.

Do wildcard or partial matches work? It would be excellent if they
did, and if so, a note in the documentation.  If not, how much work do
you think it would be to have this functionality?

A soft objection.  Not a fan of functions that return an Exception on
"item not found" personally.  I prefer to return None, and save
exceptions for errors.  But I understand that in some projects this
paradigm is used.

> +{
> +  static char *keywords[] = { "name", "by_build_id", NULL };
> +  const char *name;
> +  PyObject *by_build_id_obj = NULL;
> +  int by_build_id;
> +  struct objfile *objfile;
> +
> +  if (! PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords (args, kw, "s|O!", keywords,
> +                     &name, &PyBool_Type, &by_build_id_obj))
> +    return NULL;

If "name" is an empty string should we just immediately return an
exception here?  There are some operations later that depend on
strlen.  I had a quick look, and it seems none of the functions have a
real hard issue with zero string lookups, but it might be best to
check here first.



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