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RE: [PATCH] Fix build with Python 3.4 (PR python/16784)

Simon Marchi wrote:
>>>>>> I changed the signature of deprecated_readline_hook. I would've 
>>>>>> changed any user of it, but it seems like nothing is using it,
>>>>> You'd probably find it in the insight/gdbtk code.
>>>> Is this something that I need to update, or insight is not
maintained anymore?
>>> Insight is maintained by Keith Seitz (Cc'ed in this message).  My 
>>> first reaction is that it would be good if you updated it.
>> As reported elsewhere, Insight is a bit in limbo right now as I try
>> figure out how to best deal with gdb moving to git (and start my own 
>> migration).
>> There is a temporary repository set up by the Fedora packaging 
>> maintainer, Patrick Monnerat. I believe this was also referenced
>> IMO, I would take that as the official repository for the time being.
>> You can update it, or I can. It's not a huge deal; just let me know.

> (CCing Patrick Monnerat, see above for context)

> Here is the corresponding change in Insight (as expected very simple):


> Since binutils-gdb is used as a submodule in the insight repo, this
change should only be merged when the submodule is updated and includes
the patch that changes the signature.

Thanks for the info and the patch.
However I cannot find yet any commit "xyz" in the official repo where
the deprecated_readline_hook signature is changed.
I regularly check this kind of troubles against the master@official
binutils-gdb repository (~twice a week: the last time was this morning)
and I will react as soon as the compilation fails.


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