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Re: [PATCH] Fix build with Python 3.4 (PR python/16784)

On 2014-12-05 06:07 PM, Keith Seitz wrote:
> On 12/05/2014 03:00 PM, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>> On Friday, December 05 2014, Simon Marchi wrote:
>>>>> I changed the signature of deprecated_readline_hook. I would've changed any
>>>>> user of it, but it seems like nothing is using it,
>>>> You'd probably find it in the insight/gdbtk code.
>>> Is this something that I need to update, or insight is not maintained anymore?
>> Insight is maintained by Keith Seitz (Cc'ed in this message).  My first
>> reaction is that it would be good if you updated it.
> As reported elsewhere, Insight is a bit in limbo right now as I try to 
> figure out how to best deal with gdb moving to git (and start my own 
> migration).
> There is a temporary repository set up by the Fedora packaging 
> maintainer, Patrick Monnerat. I believe this was also referenced earlier.
> IMO, I would take that as the official repository for the time being.
> You can update it, or I can. It's not a huge deal; just let me know.

(CCing Patrick Monnerat, see above for context)

Here is the corresponding change in Insight (as expected very simple):

Since binutils-gdb is used as a submodule in the insight repo, this change should
only be merged when the submodule is updated and includes the patch that changes the


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