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Re: [PATCH v2] gdb/hppa-tdep.c: Fix logical working flow typo issue

After consult parisc kernel members, I found the related document for
it, I guess, it can be as our proof for this patch:

For me, my original comments need be improved: need mention about STH,
and maybe also need consider about additional related instructions of
parisc 2.0 (STDA, STWA, STBY, STDBY) in our source code.

Welcome any suggestions, ideas, and completions.


On 11/23/14 21:40, Chen Gang wrote:
> On 11/23/2014 02:38 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> Chen,
>>> Is this patch OK, it is part of checking saving registers in the stack,
>>> it tries to recognize the saving instructions "stb, stw(m), or std", so
>>> can continue checking.
>>> Excuse me, I have no related environments for a test, I assumed that the
>>> original author knew about the working flow, then wrote the related
>>> function.
>>> If need additional analyzing, please let me know (better to let me know
>>> what I need try, next).
>> Thank you for the patch, but lack of access to an environment where
>> you can test is an issue.  I would be an entirely different context
>> if the fix was obvious, but it isn't unless perhaps you start
>> opening HP-PA assembly manuals; and I don't honestly see much interest
>> in HP-PA anymore.
> I shall try to find the related assembly reference (although it is not
> quite easy for me, and may be fail to get it), or get parisc related
> members confirmation.
> Hope I can get related proof (related documents, or related members
> confirmation) within next month (2014-12-31), although I am not quite
> sure whether I can finish or not.
>> And if you do not have access to an environment for a test, how did
>> you come about this issue? Does the lack of evironment mean lack of
>> the software (tcl, expect, dejagnu), or lack of hardware?
> It is lack of hardware and related software. And I found it firstly by
> gcc5 compiler warning, then read through the code (together with some
> gdb members), found it should be an issue.
> Thanks.

Chen Gang

Open, share, and attitude like air, water, and life which God blessed

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