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Re: [PATCH] Don't enable gdbtk in testsuite


> FWIW - I was hoping insight would be dead by now, but if people
> still use it and make updates, then I wouldn't be opposed either.
> The one thing to be careful of, I think, is handling of their
> commits. Probably just a third email list for insight-specific
> files?

No it is not dead.

Well at least here insight is in active use. A self built version with gdb 7.7 presently... I know I need to update... It is used as native mingw-w64 version (NOT CYGWIN) to debug 32bit and 64bit mingw
windows executables. Also it is in use on linux for debugging
64bit linux executables.

I know Insight is in some kind of stasis but please don't kill it.
I believe its time is still not over.

A new final official place would be great. Presently I am very
thankful to Patrick Monnerat for his git repo. But solving this
repo blockade and having a final new home for insight would be best.
(Plus some again active development on Insight ... ;^)



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