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Re: [PATCH 2/2] Function attributes: use shorter versions of the format macros

On 12/03/2014 07:31 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
For consistency sake, use the shorter versions of the function attribute
format macros.
Same as in patch #1, please include the ChangeLog entry in the
commit's revision log.

It would be good also to explain in the revision log consistency
with what, becuase GDB uses nearly exclusively the form that you
are removing. I know the answer, now, but it took me some time to
figure it out.


BTW, thanks for the feedback and help. They are certainly helpful here, and will be even more in another upcoming patchset.

+2014-12-01  Cleber Rosa  <>
+	* ada-lang.c: use shorter versions of function attributes macros.
+	* cli-out.c: Likewise.
+	* common/agent.c: Likewise.
+	* common/buffer.h: Likewise.
+	* common/common-debug.h: Likewise.
+	* common/common-exceptions.h: Likewise.
+	* common/common-utils.h: Likewise.
+	* common/errors.h: Likewise.
+	* complaints.h: Likewise.
+	* disasm.c: Likewise.
+	* exceptions.h: Likewise.
+	* language.h: Likewise.
+	* monitor.c: Likewise.
+	* parser-defs.h: Likewise.
+	* serial.h: Likewise.
+	* ui-out.h: Likewise.
+	* utils.h: Likewise.

Thank you,

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