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Re: [PATCH 1/2] remote-utils.c: remove unused gdb_stdlog

> > It looks like this came from an attempt to mimmic gdb/main.c, which
> > has gdb_stdlog, gdb_stderr, gdb_stdout, etc. But in reality, it's
> > not being used on gdbserver.
> Thanks for sending the patch upstream.  As we have already discussed on
> private, this looks almost obvious to me, but let's wait for some
> maintainer to approve.  Meanwhile...

I agree the patch is obvious. But it's a good thing it wasn't pushed
as such, considering the few little tweaks we can apply to make
the submission the best we've had this year :-).

More seriously, the patch is approved after Sergio's comments are
resolved. And also please put the ChangeLog entry also in the revision
log. Going one step further, we now tend to just "git send-email"
the patch using the commit's revision log as the email subject and body.
That way, we have the explanation for the patch in the revision log,
which makes archeology a little easier.

> > Signed-off-by: Cleber Rosa <>
> We don't use Signed-off-by here, but it shouldn't do any harm to keep it
> in the patch.

FWIW, agreed. It's not required, but acceptable as far as I am
concerned (we haven't formally discussed this, but since it seems
harmless to me, I don't see that it could be a problem).


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