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Re: Cannot execute this command without a live selected thread.

On 10/24/2014 11:23 AM, Pedro Alves wrote:
On 10/24/2014 06:07 PM, Sandra Loosemore wrote:
Sending packet: $?#3f...Packet received: S00
Sending packet: $qfThreadInfo#bb...Packet received: l

Huh, I think this is the problem.

So this target supports qfThreadInfo, but then it's returning
an empty thread list...  remote_update_thread_list will delete
threads from GDB's list that are not found in the thread list that
the target reported.  Why is the target reporting that empty list?

I dug around in the svn history for our stub library. We made that change to the thread packet handling because if it returned an empty response to qfThreadInfo instead, GDB persistently complained:

warning: RMT ERROR : failed to get remote thread list.

especially when being run from Eclipse.

It seemed then that debugging worked OK in spite of the warnings, but the messages looked both frightening and incomprehensible to users. This was back in 2010, so maybe GDB doesn't do that any more.


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