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Re: [PATCH] Add call to prune_program_spaces in mi_cmd_remove_inferior

On Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 1:16 PM, Doug Evans <> wrote:
> btw #2, There's also the invariant "There's always (at least) one
> program space."
> One is left with the question of whether they could be unrelated.
> IOW could there be an inferior without a program space or a program
> space without an inferior?
> [At least in general. There are special cases where we do temporary
> hacks to get through forks and such.]
> Another cleanup could be to make this clearer.

One thought I had, and I'm just thinking out loud here, is to rephrase
this invariant as "An inferior always has a program space."  Then,
given that there is always an inferior, it falls out that there will
also always be a program space.

But, at least to this reader, program spaces can't ever be thought of
as being created on their own, they are only created when an inferior
is created, and deleted when the last inferior using it is deleted.
That includes the initial program space, which leads to the thought of
merging the creation of the initial program space and initial
Doing that feels clearer to me than initializing them separately,
given that we're going to be actively deleting program spaces when the
last-using inferior is deleted.

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