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Re: [PATCH 3/9] New commands `enable probe' and `disable probe'.

> From: "Jose E. Marchesi" <>
> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:48:19 +0200
> This patch adds the above-mentioned commands to the generic probe abstraction
> implemented in probe.[ch].  The effects associated to enabling or disabling a
> probe depend on the type of probe being handled, and is triggered by invoking
> two back-end hooks in `probe_ops'.


> +@kindex enable probes
> +@item enable probes @r{[}@var{provider} @r{[}@var{name} @r{[}@var{objfile}@r{]}@r{]}@r{]}

Is it correct that NAME can be given only if PROVIDER is given, and
OBJFILE can be given only if both NAME and PROVIDER were given?
That's what the nesting of [..] suggests.

Otherwise, the part for the manual is OK.

> +  add_cmd ("probes", no_class, enable_probes_command, _("\
> +Enable probes.\n\
> +Usage: enable probes [PROVIDER [NAME [OBJECT]]]\n\

Same comment as for the manual regarding the nesting of [..].

> +Each argument is a regular expression, used to select probes.\n\
> +PROVIDER matches probe provider names.\n\
> +NAME matches the probe names.\n\
> +OBJECT matches the executable or shared library name.\n\
> +If you do not specify any argument then the command will disable\n\
> +all defined probes."),                                   ^^^^^^^^

A copy/paste typo.


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