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Re: [PATCH] Remove support for "rtld_" prefix on solib-svr4 probes

On 09/25/2014 09:47 PM, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> Thanks for the review.
> On Thursday, September 25 2014, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> Well, AFAICS, upstream GDB still supports F17's probes.  See
>> svr4_create_solib_event_breakpoints:
>> 	  memset (probes, 0, sizeof (probes));
>> 	  for (i = 0; i < NUM_PROBES; i++)
>> 	    {
>> 	      const char *name = probe_info[i].name;
>> 	      struct probe *p;
>> 	      char buf[32];
>> 	      /* Fedora 17 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2-6.4
>> 		 shipped with an early version of the probes code in
>> 		 which the probes' names were prefixed with "rtld_"
>> 		 and the "map_failed" probe did not exist.  The
>> 		 locations of the probes are otherwise the same, so
>> 		 we check for probes with prefixed names if probes
>> 		 with unprefixed names are not present.  */
>> 	      if (with_prefix)
>> 		{
>> 		  xsnprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), "rtld_%s", name);
>> 		  name = buf;
>> 		}
>> 	      probes[i]
> Indeed it does, thanks for catching this.
>> So it seems to me the test should cope with both variants.
> Or maybe we should simplify this code and remove this support.
> Really, Fedora 17 was EOL'ed more than 1 year ago:
>   <>
> And we are already on Fedora 20, moving towards Fedora 21.  Also, this
> code was needed because a patch present in Fedora 17's glibc, so I think
> it is fair to leave this to be handled by Fedora GDB if needed (but it
> won't be, because the upstream glibc patches already made into Fedora
> too).

There's RHEL (at least, per the comment) 6.4 too, which isn't EOL'ed,
though.  It's reasonable to expect that people may still want to
build/test upstream gdb on those?

Pedro Alves

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