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Re: time to workaround libc/13097 in fsf gdb?

On 09/20/2014 08:50 PM, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:38:07 +0200, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> On 09/17/2014 09:10 PM, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
>>> You seem to evaluate the patches by some other metric which I cannot guess
>>> myself in advance to coding a patch.
>> It's simply the metric of someone who believes that GDB is here
>> to stay, and therefore weighs impact of changes both in the present
>> and in the future.
> Then it is (IMO) most time effective to rewrite GDB to C++ first.

What I don't think that we should halt all development and
"rewrite" GDB to anything _first_.  Instead, let that be done in
parallel.  Let me remind you that I'm still on the C++ camp.
Last we discussed this, I suggested that we should have a wiki page
describing the project, summarizing previous discussions,
previously identified obstacles, proposed solutions for same,
listing a suggested conversion roadmap ("gcc -Wc++-compat" -> "still C but
built with g++", etc.),  etc.  That hasn't happened yet.

> But it has
> some organizational issues as the improved stability, speed and maintenance
> cost may (or may not?) be lower priority than specific fixes/improvements
> requested by users.  Which leads to short time vs. long time goals.
> I also can't forget to mention there is also LLDB.
> On Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:38:07 +0200, Pedro Alves wrote:
>> Perhaps not surprisingly, I disagree.
> We therefore both agree on our disagreement.

TBC, what I don't agree with is the view that anything other
than converting to C++ first is wrong:

 "Any fix present on gdb-patches is _wrong_
  as it is not written in an effective/maintainable language"

(emphasis above is mine.)

Pedro Alves

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