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Re: [PATCH] after gdb_run_cmd, gdb_expect -> gdb_test_multiple/gdb_test

On 09/12/2014 06:10 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>> I'm writing a test that converts all gdb_run_cmd -> gdb_expect
>>> cases to avoid this from spreading further.
>> Patch pasted below.
> Thanks Pedro. I started reviewing it, and then switch to scanner-mode
> half way through. It looks great!

Thanks Joel.  Now pushed.

>> In a2-run.exp I converted one vxworks path, but left the others
>> in place...  I'm tempted to nuke most of that vxworks stuff
>> out of the testsuite.  Does anyone still care about it?
> I suspect no one does. I even suspect that no one even cares
> about whatever old version of vxworks is supported by GDB.
> IIRC, that code pre-dates my involvement in the GDB project,
> which started around 2001.

Oh, I notice that the vxworks support the testsuite is caring
about must be for a "target vxworks_or_something", not
"target remote", because we have in

 } elseif [istarget "*-*-vxworks*"] then {
     gdb_test "set args" ".*" ""

     gdb_test "r" "Starting program: .*
 You must specify a function name to run, and arguments if any"\
                "run \"r\" abbreviation"
     gdb_test "set args main" ".*" ""

And indeed, that target has been removed 10 years ago already ...

 commit e84ecc995d6a5e4e9114d3cea61717b8a573afb6
 Author:     Andrew Cagney <>
 AuthorDate: Sat Nov 13 23:10:02 2004 +0000

    2004-11-13  Andrew Cagney  <>

        * configure.tgt: Delete i[34567]86-*-vxworks*, m68*-netx-*,
        m68*-*-vxworks*, mips*-*-vxworks*, powerpc-*-vxworks*, and
        * NEWS: Mention that vxworks was deleted.

Which had:

 -static void
 -vx_create_inferior (char *exec_file, char *args, char **env, int from_tty)
 -  enum clnt_stat status;
 -  arg_array passArgs;
 -  TASK_START taskStart;
 -  memset ((char *) &passArgs, '\0', sizeof (passArgs));
 -  memset ((char *) &taskStart, '\0', sizeof (taskStart));
 -  /* parse arguments, put them in passArgs */
 -  parse_args (args, &passArgs);
 -  if (passArgs.arg_array_len == 0)
 -    error ("You must specify a function name to run, and arguments if any");

So I'm going to delete all that cruft.

OOC, how does one debug Ravenscar then?  Does that sit on top of
target remote ?

Pedro Alves

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