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Re: eliminate deprecated_insert_raw_breakpoint. what's left.

Hi Pedro,

> The remaining users are:
>  procfs.c:      dbx_link_bpt = deprecated_insert_raw_breakpoint (target_gdbarch (), NULL,
> This is only compiled if SYS_syssgi is defined, which I believe means
> MIPS IRIX.  Do we still care about MIPS IRIX?
>  solib-irix.c:      base_breakpoint = deprecated_insert_raw_breakpoint (target_gdbarch (),

I would be surprised if anyone still cared about IRIX anymore.
I enjoyed working on that system, but I no longer have access
to it, so can't support it anymore.

> This could/should probably be converted to use create_solib_event_breakpoint.
> Though see above.
>  rs6000-nat.c:  bp = deprecated_insert_raw_breakpoint (gdbarch, NULL, DUMMY_INSN_ADDR);
> This is AIX code.  Looks like this can easily be converted to a
> momentary breakpoint?

I am actually wondering whether this is still needed. It could!
So, the first thing I wanted to do was to run the testsuite without.
I'm currently building GDB, which is taking forever, and will then
run AdaCore's testsuite.

I can certainly assist in making the change regardless!

In terms of testing, I can only run AdaCore's testsuite because
expect isn't working for me on AIX, and I lack the time to
research it further. Although not ideal, it's been good enough
for us.


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