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Reminder: wiki entries for GDB 7.8 branch fixes

Hello all,

Just a reminder that the entries you add to the wiki page dedicated
to the next release are used nearly verbatim to produce part of
the text of the release's announcement. Because the announcement
is also sent to mailinglists in text format, links do not work.
So it is important that all entries follow the same format:

  * PR xxx/nnnnn (one-line description of PR)

For instance, a good example is:

  * PR build/17298 (gcore: Couldn't get registers: No such process.)

This may require the creation of a PR specifically for documentation
purposes, but this is the tool we use to link between the textual
documentation of the fix, and whatever discussion/fix we may have

If you are in Cc: of this email, it means you probably need
to fix an entry that you added. (Jan: yours was about moving
stuff in the NEWS file, and it didn't seem to me that this was
critical enough to warrant a PR, or an item in the announcement;
so I just deleted your entry. But feel free to add it back with
a PR if you feel that this migth actually be useful to others)

In the meantime, to avoid having new entries making the same
mistake, I've updated the wiki page to explicitly mention
the entry format.

Thank you!

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