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Re: [PATCH] Another board file for remote host

On Mon, 01 Sep 2014 10:10:32 +0200, Yao Qi wrote:
> Do you plan to use this board file local-remote-host-native.exp to run
> tests in parallel (set FORCE_PARALLEL to 1)?

I do not think I will myself but I guess someone should setup a nightly (or
even per-commit) regression testing even in this mode.

> If yes, I am not sure it is correct, because I don't think current gdb
> testsuite support parallel testing for remote host.

I have never been dealing with remote hosts testing so I do not know.
But I find it a bug in such case.

> If no, why do we have to worry about parallel testing?

I find it a bug that something does not work during parallel testing while it
could.  Testsuite takes IIRC half an hour or more in non-parallel mode.

> We can mention that parallel testing with this board file is
> not supported.

In such case it should IMNSHO print an error so that people do not have to
chase random testsuite failures if they do so and they miss the documentation
mentioning it.

> If you think it is unsafe to copy files to a global place (/tmp/gdb/),
> how about copy files to ${build_testsuite}/remote-host?

I find that really the best.  Although it still should use more than
a basename as there are duplicate basenames in the gdb.* directions:
	for i in gdb/testsuite/gdb.*;do find $i -type f -printf "%f\n";done|sort|uniq -d


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