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re: [patch] skip tests that use cd for remote hosts

> Several GDB tests change directory before compiling the test program in
> order to test source file names that include directories.  This doesn't
> work on a remote host because default_target_compile in DejaGnu's
> target.exp copies each source file with "[remote_download host $x]"
> which uses "[file tail $file] to strip off the directory of each file.
> If the source directory is remote mounted on the host, this also leaves
> copied files in the source directory.
> A similar skip is already used in gdb.test/fullname.exp:
>     # We rely on being able to copy things around.
>     if { [is_remote host] } {
>         untested "setting breakpoints by full path"
>         return -1
>     }
> This patch causes three GDB tests that use "cd" to be skipped for a
> remote host.  For gdb.base/fullpath-expand.exp this eliminates two
> failures and prevents the test from leaving files fullpath-expand.c
> and fullpath-expand-func.c in gdb/testsuite.  For
> gdb.base/realname-expand.exp it eliminates two failures.  For
> gdb.linespec/macro-relative.exp it prevents file macro-relative.c from
> being left in gdb/testsuite/gdb.linespec/base/two.
> I'm not set up to test this with a build of upstream gdb but have tested
> it with a remote host using arm-none-gnueabi with relavent DejaGnu and
> GDB tests that are the same as in upstream.  OK?
> Janis Johnson
> CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics

Sorry, I forgot the patch and I'm not subscribed to the list and
couldn't reply properly.  Here's the patch.


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